Amapex Environment is a Spanish company, headquartered in Barcelona and with an international vision that has a team of experts in the industrial application of the biotechnology we develop.


Amapex Environement SL was founded in 2007 in Barcelona, Spain, by biologist and entrepreneur Joaquim Canadell, current CEO of the company, as an environmental consulting company. Specializing in consulting for companies in Catalonia, we have expanded internationally and have clients all over Europe.


After years of consulting and designing solutions for industrial wastewater treatment, and identifying the problem of lack of access for SMEs to cost-efficient solutions, the company's partners decide to take the leap to create and market their own solutions in 2013.


Thanks to the impetus provided by the co-financing through the H2020 programme in 2020 with the RIBATI project, we launched our industrial wastewater treatment system in Barcelona, carrying out pilot projects in Barcelona, Girona, Catalonia, Spain and Italy.


Following the strategy of research and development in biotechnology that has always characterized Amapex, and with the aim of expanding our vision to other sectors concerned with the environment by proposing effective and efficient solutions, in 2021 we carried out pilot projects to improve the efficiency of biogas plants, with great results that are currently being applied to biogas plants in Spain, Barcelona, Lleida and North America, Ottawa.


Now in 2023, after years of research, we have just launched on the market biofertilizers for woody plants, such as vines, or fruit trees, which in addition to strengthening plants for their growth, get them to develop their own defenses against possible pests.


All our processes and products aim is to improve the environment, while we manage to improve the profit of the companies we work for in Spain and Europe.

We are experts in the application of biotechnology to improve the environment. We have our own research laboratory where we have carried out, and we keep carrying out, our research into the isolation and development of bacterial strains that achieve environmental improvement in Europe.


Amapex is made up of a multidisciplinary and international senior team with in-depth knowledge of target markets and extensive experience in the biological sector, accelerating business growth and helping companies reach their full potential.


Our headquarters is still Barcelona, Spain, the meeting point of our clients, without ever losing sight of the great contribution we can make to companies all over Europe.


Improving environmental impact of industry.

Do it in a competitive way compared to other solutions (PPF).

Create the best solution for each client, adapting to their needs.


Be a reference in tailor-made solutions.

Commitment: improving the competitiveness of industry.

Progress: improve daily to reach every corner.




We are able to generate ideas freely with the support of our team and therefore achieve innovative solutions that respond to the needs of the industry.


We offer the best solution for each case. Safe and effective solutions for the competitiveness of our customers.


Amapex Environment focus on the customer and feel responsible for their results by taking on their environmental challenges.


Our solutions are absolutely harmless to humans, animals and plants, and we want them to be the same in our customers' production.


juan ibañez

Joan Ibañez

“The system developed by Amapex prepares industrial wastewater for its integral treatment under optimal conditions; making it easier for the purification systems” Joan Ibañez, CEO of Sigma DAF clariefiers.



Jaume Guardia

"We are collaborating with Amapex Environement to develop new projects to optimize the treatment of our wastewater. "



 Esteve Genís

"We have been working with Amapex since the beginning of their career and we have not stopped doing so because of the beneficial results in reducing the cost of treating our large quantities of wastewater by reducing the ammonium content. "



“A new integrated treatment service uses a smart dispenser to simultaneously multiply, preserve and dose the number of microorganisms needed for bioremediation of industrial wastewater. ”



“A new integrated treatment service uses a smart dispenser to simultaneously multiply, preserve and dose the number of microorganisms needed for bioremediation of industrial wastewater. ”


The RIBATI project has been co-financed by the European Comission through the Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under agreement No. GA 945638


The MELODIZER project has been co-financed by the European Commission through the Horizon Resilience 2022 programme under agreement GA No 101091915



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