Amapex Environment has developed a biological system that allows the removal of contaminants from industrial wastewater at a significantly lower cost than the methods currently used. At Amapex Environment, we design a tailor-made solution for each industry by analyzing the most complex contaminants (organochlorines, surfactants, dyes, fats, hydrocarbons, etc.) present in water and formulating a specific solution for each type of water. Our formulas (bacteria + trace elements) are complemented by SDU PREMIUM technology that allows automated activation of the solution and a correct dosage, collecting and sending data from the entire process.



Amapex Environment has developed a biological system that makes it possible to make available to woody plants such as vineyards all the food available in the substrate in which they are, so that chemical fertilizers are not required. In this way, the soil is kept in perfect condition and free from harmful pollutants. The formula of the product is adapted to each crop's needs.
At the same time, it strengthens plants natural defenses to prevent possible infections or pests.
The system allows for savings in both growth products and disease treatment products, generating profits in the harvest.


The products of Amapex Environment manage to improve the quality of the soil and, therefore, of the final fruit without the use of chemical components.
At the same time, we reduce the cost of extra products such as traditional fertilizers or pest control.
Lower consumption, higher yield from the harvest.






We achieve the full potential of your Biogas plant. We minimize H2S and NH4+, obtaining a purer biogas.


Adapting to the type of substrate that feeds the anaerobic digester is the specialty of Amapex Environment.
We design the most efficient solution that allows the increase of the production of Biogas as well as the reduction of maintenance costs, effectively reducing the H2S generated in the digestion process.
The reduction of ammonium NH4+ inherent in the process is one of our star solutions, as we prevent digestion collapse due to the presence of this compound.
We optimize the costs of the process thanks to the SDU, which allows us to reduce the consumption of Active Product.


Revolutionary biotechnological solution applied to the circular economy and the use of resources for sustainable energy production.
We manage to increase the volume of Biogas thanks to our system, improving the results of the anaerobic digestion plant.
We customize the solution to achieve, in addition, the reduction of H2S produced in the biogas digester to minimum levels, avoiding maintenance costs and prolonging the life of the plant.
The Amapex solution drastically reduces the presence of ammonium inherent in the anaerobic digestion process, avoiding stops in the methane production process.