Specific biological promoter for the recovery of wastewater and industrial wastewater contaminated by organic components.
Optimizes and speeds up the biodegradation processes carried out by the current microbiology present in the treated waters.


Specific biological promoter for the recovery of agricultural soils, surfaces and substrates contaminated by the accumulation of organic molecules and wastewater.
The selected microorganisms present in the Amapex product increase the biodegradation capacity of the contaminants through current microbiology.


Biofertilizer and bio-stimulant based on specific yeast lysates. It is very rich in amino acids and cofactors, macronutrients and micronutrients, which provide a nutritional support with a high organic load. It also contains yeasts belonging to Rhodothorula and Debaryomices which, in addition to being powerful bio-stimulators of root growth, stimulate the natural defenses of the plant, providing protection against external aggressions.

We create biotechnology tailored to your industry's wastewater needs.
With our technology, we can achieve a significant reduction in treatment costs.
We design powerful biofertilizers that stimulate the natural defenses of woody plants against external aggressions.