Best Biotech Publications in 2021

From AMAPEX we are very grateful for the community that we have been creating thanks to the publications that, on biotechnology in wastewater treatment, soil recovery, biogas and the environment, we have made during 2021 on our blog.

We share a summary with the most visited, commented and shared publications of the year we made last year.

We are pleased to know that the publications listed are related to our expertise and solutions in biotechnology for industrial applications.

Enzymatic wastewater treatment
The publication that has received the most visits during 2021 is "Enzymatic wastewater treatment", a method that has many benefits in all industrial sectors whose wastewater contains high loads of pollutants, for example, in the textile industry.

Its objective is to improve the water effluent, through the supply of enzymes that help reduce or eliminate the toxicity of the water by transforming the pollutants.

In this publication we list the benefits of this wastewater treatment, compared to other conventional systems and if you want to discover how its application has been in various sectors, visit our Success Case section.

Enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulosic biomass
In second position, “Enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulosic biomass” stands out, a publication in which we talk about potential biotechnology solutions for the production of biogas, based on the use of cellulose for energy production.

Cellulose is one of the most common waste in the world, which is present in all plant materials from agriculture and we have spent years researching how to make the carbon present in cellulose accessible for its digestion and the greatest successes have gone on the slope of the enzymatic hydrolysis of these compounds.

At Amapex we have invested a large part of our R&D to seek biotechnology solutions to this particular issue and we mention some findings in this publication. Don't stop reading it!

Bioremediation of soils contaminated by hydrocarbons

In third position among the most visited content on our blog is this publication that deals with the recovery of contaminated soils that have been subject to contamination by the action of hydrocarbons.

The hydrocarbon industry has historically been a harmful activity, causing significant economic, social and ecological damage, as well as being capable of - among other natural disasters - rendering large areas of land useless.

These contaminated soils require treatment to be reused for other activities. In this regard, biotechnology is an economical and efficient alternative compared to other traditional methods for the recovery of contaminated soils, especially by toxic agents from the hydrocarbon industry.

Sludge treatment in a WWTP applying AMAPEX solution

We are pleased to know that another of the contents that denotes great interest in the blog, describes an experimental treatment that we have developed in the activated sludge system of a treatment plant in a vegetable oil refinery, in which we have applied our system of microorganisms and trace elements.

The publication summarizes the results of the study, comparing biotechnology with other conventional treatment systems for sludge. We have included descriptive photos of the results obtained after the application and comparison of both treatments.

To close this summary of the year 2021, we want to mention our section of success stories, which is also among the most visited pages of the year, in which we group the success stories of the application of our solutions in biotechnology. We invite you to visit it!

Our purpose this year 2022 is to continue providing knowledge through the content that we will publish. We invite you to follow our publications by subscribing to our biotechnology newsletter and on our Linkedin page.

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